FREE GUIDE to the 3 Biggest Myths About Women’s Hormones

& 6 simple things you can do today to improve your hormone health

She Code is the programme that helps women who are struggling with hormone symptoms like PMS, heavy, painful or irregular periods, acne, mood swings, migraines and more, feel better, fast!    

Empowering you to take back control of your health by giving you answers, support and a clear step-by-step method to rebalance your hormones 



She Code is for you if...

✔︎  Your mood is out of control, you’re on an emotional rollercoaster 

✔︎  You have heavy or painful periods which leave you feeling totally wiped out  

✔︎  You have acne that's really knocking your confidence and self-esteem 

✔︎  Hot flushes and night sweats are stopping you from getting a decent night's sleep

✔︎  When you have PMS you feel really angry, low, anxious or irritable

✔︎  Your fluid retention makes you go up a dress size or you get sore breasts

✔︎  You get really constipated or have loose stools before your period

✔︎  You suffer with menstrual migraines

✔︎  Your periods are really irregular or have totally gone missing

✔︎  You feel really tired, you’ve gained weight or your sex drive has gone missing

✔︎  You’re losing hair from your head

✔︎  You have PCOS, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, adenomyosis or fibroids

✔︎ You're struggling to get pregnant

✔︎ You’ve had enough of googling your symptoms feeling overwhelmed, confused and lost

✔︎  You know you need help navigating this, you can’t do it alone

✔︎  Your concerns are not being taken seriously

✔︎ You’ve been told your symptoms are "normal" for a woman



You can...


 overcome your symptoms, feel more balanced,

happy, calm,  energised, in control, centred, strong,

sensual and confident!


She Code is the secret weapon that helps you

up level your diet, rebalance your hormones and

stop your hormonal acne in its tracks.


Your Guide

Zoë Palmer-Wright, ND, BA (Hons), Ad Dip-Nut, Ad Dip-Herb Med, mBANT & CNHC registered

Zoe is a qualified nutritionist and naturopath with more than 14 years of international clinical experience, an award-winning author and a leading women’s health expert.

She works with clients 1:1 through her bespoke programmes and teaches groups of women all over the world how to heal their bodies, restore their hormonal health and change their lives for the better.

Zoe has over a decade of professional teaching experience. She has run health retreats and given sold-out talks from Europe to the Middle East to Asia and she counts CEO's, Hollywood actors, supermodels and sheikhs amongst her client list.

Her work has been featured in publications, including Women’s Health, Sheerluxe and The Gulf Times.

Her award-winning first book, “A Beautiful Balance” was published by Hamad Bin Khalifa University Press in 2020. 







Healthy habits to support your healing

The benefits of intelligent nutrition

How to create life changing lifestyle shifts

Tools to manage your stress

Balancing botanicals and natural supplements you feel like the best version of yourself again



"After coaching thousands of women, I know that this code WORKS."





Instead of struggling you could have...


No PMS symptoms

Loads of energy

Clear and glowing skin

A feeling of calm

A balanced mood 

Less water retention and bloating

Better sleep

Fewer (or no!) painful period cramps

No more menstrual headaches

Regular and lighter periods

Less body fat

A deeper connection to your body and your power

More happiness, confidence and the freedom to live your life to the absolute fullest!


 ...and so much more! 

❝ The results from the programme not only literally cleared my skin up completely but I’m also sleeping better, I actually understand how to eat healthier, I am feeling sexier and more confident. I feel like I have a grasp on my hormones and better yet, my life! My 3.7cm complex ovarian cyst also completely disappeared. I can’t recommend her programme enough.❞
- Stephanie Ellien
❝ I cannot rave about this programme enough! I had been struggling for years with cystic acne, bloating and irregular cycles. Now my skin is amazing! I have no acne at all, my skin is glowing, my bloating has gone and my cycles are regular. I am so happy.❞
- Anick Martinez

How it Works

The oral contraceptive pill and other forms of birth control do not balance hormones or cure hormone imbalances...

They just mask and suppress hormonal symptoms so when you come off them, the symptoms you had before can return with a vengeance.

You may even find you have new symptoms like acne, irregular or missing periods or PMS, which you never struggled with before.

Instead, with the She Code approach to female hormone imbalances, we naturally regulate your body’s own hormone production and metabolism, helping you achieve lasting change in your symptoms and the way you feel!

The Science: The Functional Medicine Approach


Introducing nutrient dense, functional foods to support the health of your endocrine system

Regulating your blood sugar and insulin output to rebalance your sex and stress hormones

Supporting the 4 phases of your menstrual cycle and optimising your fertility

Eliminating inflammatory foods, reducing painful cramps and menstrual headaches

Promoting and enhancing the detoxification of sex hormones via the liver and bowel

Supporting regular bowel movements, which is essential for healthy hormonal balance

Enhancing oestrogen metabolism, by supporting a healthier gut microbiome

Embracing tools and rituals to manage your stress and reduce time spent in “fight or flight”

 She Code is clinically informed and evidence based. It combines the best of cutting-edge science with the wisdom of traditional medicine.

What’s Included in the Course:

 12 Modules

All the information, inspiration, structure and tools you need to make the simple but impactful lifestyle and diet changes that will support your health transformation


Video Masterclasses

Easy-to-watch video masterclasses with doable action steps that you can start implementing straight away and build upon
week to week.


Downloadable Worksheets and Resources

To support your journey and make implementing your new habits easy


86 Hormone Balancing Recipes

Simple, healthy, delicious recipes to make getting more functional foods into your diet easy 


Live Group Q&A Coaching Calls with me 2x 60 minutes monthly

To ask your burning questions and get expert support along the way – all live sessions are recorded so they can be viewed at any time


A Supportive Sisterhood

Connect with like-minded women, share stories and  celebrate your wins in a private, members only Facebook group – you can also receive support from the She Code team in here!


Lifetime access to the course content

So you can come back and keep benefitting from the course content at any time

Take back control of your symptoms and feel energised, calm and confident!


Take a look inside...


 12-Module Course Structure

Module 1




Contains the basics that you need to know to properly understand your hormones, your body and the different phases of your monthly cycle, you’ll learn how exercise affects your cycle (and how your cycle affects exercise) and the most important first foundational food principle – the nutrition framework you absolutely must put in place before you do anything else! You'll get resources to show you how to track your cycle and help you make blood sugar balancing meal swaps.


Module 2




You will learn how stress impacts your female sex hormones, the importance of sleep for hormone balance & how to improve yours and about the incredible medicinal drinks that will help you to rebalance your hormones & ease your symptoms. Resources include a good sleep guide and recipes for medicinal drinks to help rebalance your hormones.


Module 3




Will explain what foods and drinks you need to cut back on & and you’ll learn why this is so important, plus you’ll get resources on how to get enough calcium in your diet without dairy and a downloadable pdf to help you make hormone friendly food swaps when you do your food shop. 


Module 4




This is all about the power of bringing more presence into your life – why it’s so important to commit to a daily meditation practice to achieve hormone balance plus how to practice mindful eating (a simple technique which will impact your digestive health, mental wellbeing and hormone balance!)


Module 5




You learn about the key medicinal hormone balancing foods which you will incorporate to really turn your hormone health around & the role of the liver in female hormonal balance and how to support the removal of old sex hormones from your body via your liver (which is a key part of balancing your hormones). Resources include how to harness the power of castor oil packs for hormone balance and recipes which incorporate these hormone balancing foods.


Module 6




We cover more incredible medicinal hormone balancing foods which you will learn how to use to help you restore your hormone balance plus you’ll learn the truth about soya and whether it’s good or bad for your hormones. You’ll also get more recipes to help you incorporate these foods.


Module 7




This is a beauty product & home detox; we cover everything from your skin care to the water you drink to your clothes and homewares as these things have a huge impact on your hormone health. You’ll discover how to make your environment work for your hormone health rather than against it!
And you’ll get a resource to help you make these changes easily.


Module 8




We delve into the power of your using your breath to support your nervous system, reduce stress hormone production and rebalance sex hormones plus how better digital boundaries will help you improve your mental and emotional health and rebalance your hormones too!


Module 9




We’ll focus on improving your gut health for hormonal balance – you will learn how to improve the health of the microbiome in your gut and have more regular, healthy bowel movements – this is SO important because you can’t have good hormone health without good digestive health.


Module 10




This is all about using natural supplements & botanical medicines to rebalance your hormones. I will take you through my top 13 hormone balancing supplements which I use successfully in my clinical practice, you’ll learn exactly how they work, how they can help you and how to use them.


Module 11




If you have PMS, PCOS, heavy or painful periods this module helps you understand the root causes of your symptoms, gives you guidance on how to better manage these symptoms, tests to get & teaches you about
the power embedded in your period and how to make this time both pleasurable and empowering.


Module 12




Will give you methods to help you turn down the volume of your self- sabotaging inner voice which can get in the way of you sticking to the programme, making progress and getting the best results & summarises how you can stick to the stress reducing rituals going forwards.


Investing in your health is THE No.1 gift you can give yourself!



Investment Options and Plans

Option 1


 Course Price £555

Pay in 1 instalment




Option 2


Course Price £555

Pay in 3 instalments 

£185 per month